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April 14, 2020

The festive rabbit started off Sunday morning cruising through Franklin County with St. Albans Police.

They also made a special appearance in Williston, this time escorted by firefighters. The whole neighborhood was star struck.

“I’ve never seen him come around your neighborhood which I thought was really cool,” said 11-year-old Olivia.

Olivia appreciates the Easter Bunny coming to her since she couldn’t go see him at Maple Tree Place like she has other years.

“They took the time out of their day to come and make people’s day which I thought was a really nice thing,” she said.

Despite Easter being a bit quieter this year, kids in this neighborhood say the Easter Bunny put in extra effort to make the holiday special.

And the new mayor of Fair Haven had one of his first official duties during Easter.

Mayor Murphy, the therapy dog, and the Easter Bunny teamed up with the police department to raise spirits.

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