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Coronavirus Acts of kindness

April 2, 2020


Today’s “kindness” news brings us a trifecta of things everyone likes: dogs, students and food.

Times are tough for many of us, and one group that may need a some help is college students.

The Oklahoma City Community College Foundation has created a fund to help students stay in school despite current financial hardships. The foundation is accepting donations for the COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund

“I find time and time again that students do not drop out of college because of academics,” said OCCC President Jerry Steward. “Rather, they drop out because of financial hardships related to themselves and their families. The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to disrupt the immense successes our students are on their way to achieving, and this drive aims to ensure they can continue on successfully.”

The college has already seen a surge of requests for the food pantry. In addition to the emergency fund, OCCC is working to increase the pantry’s inventory. The college is also holding a children’s supplies drive for baby items such as diapers, formula, and baby food. While most of us are working at home, our pets are getting either more walks or treats. Some pets, though, haven’t been able to go to work to do their job comforting others at hospitals.

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