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Registered Therapy Dogs


Ra Doberman is a sweet gentle boy. He was the star of a tv show pilot for Animal Planet but it never made it to syndicate. He is trained and has the best manners! He has been around young children, elderly, men and women, large crowds, other animals and public places. He has a very […]

Location: Milford, Michigan
Registration Number: 3051
Breed: Doberman

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Grayson (Indigo Up in Smoke Blues)

Grayson is 7 years old, very playful and tender of heart. He loves to be with people, very loving, sensitive and obedient.

Location: Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Registration Number: 3050
Breed: Border Collie

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Boomer earned his first obedience title in May 2021. He became an ATD therapy dog two months later. He’s such a joy at home and at the Albuquerque Sunport as part of their K-9 Ambassador program.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Registration Number: 3048
Breed: Boston Terrier

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Nala is loving and kind, she loves to run and go for walks. Is good with kids and other pets. Great dog

Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Registration Number: 3047
Breed: Lab mix

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Zuko loves people and other animals. He is kind and gentle and will happily hug anyone. Zuko has a great sense of humour and loves to play.

Location: Forestburg, Alberta
Registration Number: 3046
Breed: Flandoddle

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Charlie is a level headed dog who loves to get pets. Although, he is only 5 years old he has always had an old soul and is happy to please the people around him.

Location: Forestburg, Alberta
Registration Number: 3045
Breed: Border Collie/ Black lab

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Lucy is a well trained loving animal, she is mature and great in many social settings. If I volunteer for something she usually comes with me. This weekend we volunteered in Irvin KY with Team Rubicon.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Registration Number: 3043
Breed: Cattle Dog

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Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Registration Number: 3042
Breed: Na

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I got my dog this year after I fostered her from a local rescue. We have little information on her background but because of the type of dog she is we believe she was part of a backyard breeding situation as when getting neutered we where told it was evident she has had many litters. […]

Location: Brewster, New York
Registration Number: 3040
Breed: Chug (Chihuahua Pug Mix)

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Quinn is an amazingly social and loving chocolate lab. She loves to play fetch and has travel extensively in her first year. I work in a residential treatment facility with teens and she is loved by all the residents at the facility. The residents have watched her grow since she was 10 weeks old. To […]

Location: Tustin, Michigan
Registration Number: 3037
Breed: Chocolate lab

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