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Registered Therapy Dogs


Panda is currently working as a comfort dog for a funeral home in Tucson, AZ. He greats grieving families who come to the funeral home to make arrangements for a loved one who has died.

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Registration Number: 2913
Breed: Border Collie

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Rocket Marin

Sweet kind loving dog. Always comforting and ready to snuggle when your down. Always looking way to make you smile !! Xoxo

Location: Brandon, Florida
Registration Number: 2875
Breed: Pitbull boxer

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Molly Schnorbus

Molly is a sweet dog who had a great personality. She is new to the therapy world, but is enjoying meeting new people.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Registration Number: 2869
Breed: Labrador Retriever

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Mister Bowser

Bowser is a therapy dog for adults with mental health disorders in Texas. He is a sweet boy, full of love and non-judgment. He loves people and allows patients to open up when processing traumas, addictions and difficult emotional experiences.

Location: McKinney, Texas
Registration Number: 2823
Breed: Golden Retriever

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This is Ruby and she loves to give kisses and hugs. She is a year old and she loves kids and is very calm with them. She can’t wait to meet you!

Location: North Bay, Ontario
Registration Number: 2814
Breed: Bichon Frise

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Bella is a great mixed breed dog I use with my personal therapy program. She loves people and her work makes a huge difference!

Location: Overland Park, Kansas
Registration Number: 2690
Breed: Mixed

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Franklin is a little over a year old and is a very gentle, loving soul. He loves children and has very good manners 😊

Location: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Registration Number: 2689
Breed: Golden Retriever

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Smokey is a lover he loves to give love and be petted he lives to play and eat. He is the sweetest teddy bear.

Location: Shelby, North Carolina
Registration Number: 2609
Breed: Bully

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Mattie is a retired racing greyhound who was know as “Mudd Head”. She is 4 1/2 years old with a December birthday. She retired from racing from Oklahoma and came to Arizona where she picked me as her owner. She is very loving and likes people. Looking forward to being certified so that she can […]

Location: Anthem, Arizona
Registration Number: 2608
Breed: Greyhound

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Bella has been a great therapy dog to help me through my remission process. It is with her love and continuous support that I overcome what I endured.

Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Registration Number: 2601
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

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