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Therapy Dog Baxter

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Despite the tough guy image that he projects to other dogs and UPS trucks, Baxter is a total sweetheart. He is an incredibly loyal companion that just wants to be by your side. Baxter is the most affectionate foster dog we’ve ever had. He loves hugs, will blindside you with a sloppy kiss when you least expect it and is at his happiest when he is surrounded by people. Baxter loves the outdoors, whether its walking around the block, basking in the sun in the backyard or summitting a 13er. He’s athletic and playful. Sometimes he can be coaxed into going for a run, but he’d rather play tug of war with his rope.

Baxter would prefer a home where people are home more often than not, but he has also lived in a foster home where they are gone all day and he does fine there too. He is crate trained and will go in there on his own sometimes. He is crated when home alone. Sometimes he will cry when left alone, so he likely wouldn’t be a good dog for someone who lives in a town home.

Location: Tampa, Florida
Registration Number: 345
Breed: German Shepperd
Experience: 20-50 Visits.
  • My Dog Obeys The "Sit" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Down" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Come" Command
Traveling Distance: Up To 20 Miles Outside My Zip Code (33613)
Availability: Available Most Days
Visit Fee: I Accept Voluntary Donations
Payment Methods:
  • Donations Accepted Via Cash Or Check At Time Of Visit
Baxter's Owner
Peter Smith

I enjoy outdoors with my dog Baxter. We like to walk to a park that is around my home. I also like going to the beach and be around people