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Therapy Dog Bella

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This is Bella, she found me near a beach in Florida in 2018 while I was still grieving the loss of my soulmate and husband. She is very well-mannered but still gets a little excited every time she meets someone new. She quickly is able to assess any situation and adjusts accordingly. She is an angel from above, for sure. We love the joy we feel when blessing others, for we have been blessed and are so grateful to share the love.

Location: Belton, Missouri
Registration Number: 2252
Breed: Mixed Lab
Experience: In Training (Less Than 10 Visits)
  • My Dog Obeys The "Sit" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Stay" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Down" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Come" Command
  • My Dog Obeys A "Off" Command
  • My Dog Obeys A "Don't Touch" Command
  • My Dog Obeys A Controlled "Walk/Heel" Command
Traveling Distance: I Will Consider Traveling Any Distance
Availability: Available Most Days
Visit Fee: I Accept Voluntary Donations
Payment Methods:
  • Donations Accepted Via Cash Or Check At Time Of Visit
  • Donations Accepted Via My PayPal Account Or Major Credit Cards
Virtual Visits Available Via:
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Zoom
  • Facetime
Bella's Owner
Victoria Ragland

I have too much time since my husband passed in 2018, I am a people-person myself who lives alone with my 2 rescue dogs. I do run my own company out of my home 20 hours a week yet I will arrange my schedule to meet anyone who is in need.
I would be honored to feel the joy of blessing others with Bella, who is exceptionally in tune with others.