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Therapy Dog Cafrey

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Cafrey is a very sweet, loving adult dog. He loves people.He is very small so anyone interacting with him must understand and be gentle and kind towards him.

Location: Spring Hill, Kansas
Registration Number: 3060
Breed: Yorkshire Ter
Organization: National Kennel Association
Virtual Visits Available Via:
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Zoom
  • Facetime
Cafrey's Owner
Tami Pendleton

I’m an Artist and Mother and Caretaker. I grew up with an animal loving family. I grew up with classmates and coworkers, some with special needs or in need of therapy, whom always were excited and happy and found healing being around us. I have professional animal therapy experience and teaching and working with kids, and those with special needs; both young and adult; and those with health conditions or battling lifelong illnesses or conditions and offering them therapy, prayer and support.