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Therapy Dog Gracie

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Gracie is a 3lb. 5oz. 3 year old Schnauzer. She has been a frequent visitor to nursing homes in our area since she became a beloved member of our family. We have 18 grandchildren. They have all enjoyed her company. She is a blessing. She is very well behaved. She flies at ease.

Location: Lufkin, Texas
Registration Number: 347
Breed: Schnauzer
Experience: More Than 100 Visits
  • My Dog Obeys The "Stay" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Come" Command
  • My Dog Obeys A "Don't Touch" Command
Traveling Distance: Up To 20 Miles Outside My Zip Code (75904)
Availability: Available Most Days
Visit Fee: I Do Not Accept Any Fees Or Accept Any Donations
Payment Methods:
  • Donations Are Not Accepted
Gracie's Owner
Janet Townsend

I’m a retired teacher. I’m a resent widow. I don’t drink. Im sitting in a Pub because I became carsick on our tour of Rome. Gracie is my constant companion.