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Therapy Dog Kewi

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She is a super people loving pleasing one of a kind girl! She has the amazing ability to just somehow know when something is wrong with someone and her little doggy love radar goes off sending her to give lots of love to that person. She can put a smile on anyone’s face and she is great well behaved little girl!

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Registration Number: 2312
Breed: Terrier mix
Experience: In Training (Less Than 10 Visits)
  • My Dog Obeys The "Sit" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Stay" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Down" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Come" Command
  • My Dog Obeys A "Off" Command
  • My Dog Obeys A "Don't Touch" Command
  • My Dog Obeys A Controlled "Walk/Heel" Command
Traveling Distance: Up To 20 Miles Outside My Zip Code (85705)
Availability: Contact Me For Availability
Visit Fee: I Accept Voluntary Donations
Payment Methods:
  • Donations Accepted Via Cash Or Check At Time Of Visit
  • Donations Accepted Via My PayPal Account Or Major Credit Cards
Organization: No not at all
Virtual Visits Available Via:
  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Zoom
Kewi's Owner
Jasmine Belew

I am a full time student in the veterinary medicine field. I come from a hard neglectful background and I know what it’s like to need the healing love of an animal. I have personal experience of being in all sorts of hospitals adult & children, abuse shelters, different types of shelters, rehabilitation centers, ect. I strongly believe that it’s in the eyes of an animal that we find our inner strength and can come to peace with any situation. If it was not for the animals in my life I would not be were I am today and I feel the importance of needing to share that love, peace, and healing exerperiance I have witnessed with my animals with anyone who needs it!