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Therapy Dog Lil

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Bear is current 9 years of age his Birthday is 12/25/2000 he is very in tune with me . I suffer from PTSD , arthritis, fibromyalgia, right sided heart failure and chronic migraines if I am having a flair up he is right there trying to comfort me he has a very keen sense. He has been temperament tested by 4Paws a organization that my daughter works with and fosters dogs and he passed so he has a very clam demeanor. He enjoys camping with his momma and daddy but is always sleeping right beside me every night and is my shadow and always has been .

Location: Mount Vernon, Ohio
Registration Number: 752
Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Experience: More Than 100 Visits
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Lil's Owner
Andrea Gantz

I am 51 years of age battling pulmonary hypertension & right sided heart failure and fibromyalgia and arthritis and PTSD . I live with my husband we have two grown daughters outside our home and my husband and Bear my companion pup enjoy camping time together and he is pretty much attached at my hip at every moment unless I have been in the hospital. That has been the hardship that I have felt and my husband states that Bear goes through a depression unlike he has ever seen in my absence .