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Therapy Dog Miss Coco Chanel

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Miss Coco Chanel is 3 1/2 years old. She has been a certified therapy dog via Alliance of Therapy Dogs since she was 1 years old. Miss Coco Chanel loves her current visits to the local elementary school to read with the kids and at the local library to do the same.

Location: Prineville, Oregon
Registration Number: 3065
Breed: English Bulldog
Experience: 50-100 Visits.
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Traveling Distance: I Will Consider Traveling Any Distance
Availability: Contact Me For Availability
Visit Fee: I Do Not Accept Any Fees Or Accept Any Donations
Organization: Alliance if Therapy Dogs
Virtual Visits Available Via:
  • Zoom
Miss Coco Chanel's Owner
Denney Verhaege

I first began the certified therapy journey with my first Bulldog named Armani. He is 10 years old now and not interested in leaving the house so I retired him.

Armani and I enjoyed many years of volunteering at retirement homes, hospice care, nursing facilities, locked-down facilities and libraries reading to the kids. Coco joined us when she was certified at the age of 1.

Currently, Coco and I enjoy visiting the local elementary school and library to read with the kids. We are having so much. We are looking to add new adventures to our schedule.

Thank you,
Denney V