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Therapy Dog Otis

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Otis is a tall, lanky, athletic and playful lab. He loves getting loved on by his people and playing with toys, even if it’s throwing them around by himself. A home with a yard would be ideal and someone that can give him a lot of exercise- he loves to run. He does awesome in his crate when we are away. He rides great in the car and loves walking/hiking. He is a very sweet dog, loves cuddling and very loyal. His ideal family would be willing to set him up for success by not putting him in stressful situations where he might fail. He doesn’t trust all people and can become anxious when strangers encroach in his space- don’t let strangers reach for him to say hi. Dog parks & the vet are not his favorite places. He needs a home with structure that can accept and work with his comfort boundaries. We have not had any issues with him since having him and can now easily read his behavior and comfort level. We have found it easy to keep him comfortable by stepping aside on narrow trails and wh

Location: Tampa, Florida
Registration Number: 346
Breed: Golden Retriever
Otis's Owner
Peter Smith

I enjoy outdoors with my dog Baxter. We like to walk to a park that is around my home. I also like going to the beach and be around people