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Registered Therapy Dogs


Louie has been a therapy dog at Pioneer Middle for the past five years. He is starting his sixth year this week. He loves school more than anything. The students love him. They run to him and scream and he is super calm and just stands there getting all the hugs and pets. He loves […]

Location: Holland, New York
Registration Number: 3077
Breed: Golden Retriever

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I enjoy visiting people, running in the field, and playing with the other dogs at my house. I will spend time with the cats to.

Location: New England, North Dakota
Registration Number: 3076
Breed: Mix

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Griffin is a rare breed, the Lowchen. He loves people, attention, treats, attention, tricks, attention, and is a very good boy. He is 3.5 years old and weighs in at 12.5lbs. He is really soft and likes rubbins under his chin.

Location: Elgin, South Carolina
Registration Number: 3075
Breed: Lowchen

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Salaries is 2.5 years old. She is a full pedigree Siberian hurley. She has a very sweet demeanor and loves people. She spent 2 months in hughschool with my son at the end of gis high school years and became very social and loveable. She is always willing to meet new people and loves every […]

Location: Pinckney, Michigan
Registration Number: 3074
Breed: Siberia huskey

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Didi is a 6 year old Pomeranian. she understands words and follows commands like sit, give paw, don’t touch. she helps out her other dog sister when she has sleep crises. she is very good with adults and children.

Location: Camuy, Puerto Rico
Registration Number: 3073
Breed: Pomeraniam

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Rufus is intelligent, intuitive, very affectionate and loyal. He’s good with children and other animals.

Location: Saint Simons Island, Georgia
Registration Number: 3072
Breed: Labrador Retreiver

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Gentle when approached and handled. Does not jump or lunge at people or pets. Loves physical contact. Has to lean or sit next to or onto a friend or handler. Rarely barks. Easy to walk.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Registration Number: 3071
Breed: Great Dane

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Oliver is the sweetest cuddler and a very patient dog. He loves everyone and is sure to brighten their day.dots. We adopted him in 2018.

Location: Yorktown, Virginia
Registration Number: 3068
Breed: Lab-beagle

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Very loyal and caring. Loves to give kisses. Empath. Will jump if he senses the person is upset or not okay in anyway.

Location: Bemidji, Minnesota
Registration Number: 3067
Breed: Czechoslovakian Vlcak

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Very loyal. Very patient. Loves cuddles. Loves to give kisses. Very supportive. Very quite. Passive. Loves to learn. Loves to be accepted.

Location: Bemidji, Minnesota
Registration Number: 3066
Breed: Heeler

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