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Registered Therapy Dogs


Charlie is a level headed dog who loves to get pets. Although, he is only 5 years old he has always had an old soul and is happy to please the people around him.

Location: Forestburg, Alberta
Registration Number: 3045
Breed: Border Collie/ Black lab

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Lucy is a well trained loving animal, she is mature and great in many social settings. If I volunteer for something she usually comes with me. This weekend we volunteered in Irvin KY with Team Rubicon.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Registration Number: 3043
Breed: Cattle Dog

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Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Registration Number: 3042
Breed: Na

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I got my dog this year after I fostered her from a local rescue. We have little information on her background but because of the type of dog she is we believe she was part of a backyard breeding situation as when getting neutered we where told it was evident she has had many litters. […]

Location: Brewster, New York
Registration Number: 3040
Breed: Chug (Chihuahua Pug Mix)

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Quinn is an amazingly social and loving chocolate lab. She loves to play fetch and has travel extensively in her first year. I work in a residential treatment facility with teens and she is loved by all the residents at the facility. The residents have watched her grow since she was 10 weeks old. To […]

Location: Tustin, Michigan
Registration Number: 3037
Breed: Chocolate lab

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Faith is our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is current on her vaccinations and travels with us on our Ministries.

Location: Dickinson, Texas
Registration Number: 3036
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Zoey Zare

Zoey is a very kind, smart and well behaved dog. She is very well trained and listens to all commands. She is trained on a short leach and walks closely to me. However, most of the time, she is ok with me holding her. She is a great friend and an amazing therapy dog, she […]

Location: Gloucester, Ontario
Registration Number: 2929
Breed: Bichon Shih Tzu

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Panda is currently working as a comfort dog for a funeral home in Tucson, AZ. He greats grieving families who come to the funeral home to make arrangements for a loved one who has died.

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Registration Number: 2913
Breed: Border Collie

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Rocket Marin

Sweet kind loving dog. Always comforting and ready to snuggle when your down. Always looking way to make you smile !! Xoxo

Location: Brandon, Florida
Registration Number: 2875
Breed: Pitbull boxer

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Molly Schnorbus

Molly is a sweet dog who had a great personality. She is new to the therapy world, but is enjoying meeting new people.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Registration Number: 2869
Breed: Labrador Retriever

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