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Registered Therapy Dogs

Dj Dubois (DD)

He is a spoiled rotten lovable little guy with spunk whom you can talk to like a person and he responds as if he knows what you said.

Location: Belle Chasse, Louisiana
Registration Number: 456
Breed: Schnauzer mix

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Buttercup enjoys snuggling and just being with me! She likes to play but doesn’t like to be held. She loves a pat on her hard and is very friendly.

Location: Saint Clair, Pennsylvania
Registration Number: 455
Breed: jackrussel/Chihuahua

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Molly is uber friendly and always willing to help make anyone smile. She is not only a therapy dog, but a service dog as well. She is extremely well behaved and loves the elderly!

Location: Eloy, Arizona
Registration Number: 448
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Shar Pei Mix00

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Bromley is a sweet and loving dog. She can’t take a walk without greeting every person she sees along the way with a wag of her tail and leaning in for a pet. She is quiet and gentle, loves to be outside and snuggling with her humans. She knows a few fun tricks to entertain […]

Location: Oakhurst, New Jersey
Registration Number: 445
Breed: Mixed Breed

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Zita Marie

Zita Marie is 4 1/2 years old. She is sweet, kind and tender loving. She helped me back in 2017 after two major surgeries on my left ankle in which I had two plates and fourteen screws installed. I was down for eight months and lived alone with her and my seventeen year old cat. […]

Location: Columbus, Georgia
Registration Number: 442
Breed: Alaskan Husky

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Tony is very wise and senses when myself or my handicapped Brother needs help. I trust his judgement implicitly.

Location: sugarloaf, Pennsylvania
Registration Number: 405
Breed: Chesapeak bay retriever

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Scobby Doo

He is my best friend. I have alot of health problems and he helps me. He’s full of love joy and he helps me by having to take care of him I love having him he competes my life

Location: Marietta, Ohio
Registration Number: 404
Breed: Chorkie

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Shadow is a purebred Keeshond. She’s thirteen years old. She is a trained 🐕‍🦺 service dog. She is very calm and gentle. She likes kids. She allows puppies to jump on her. With other dogs, she says hello and then minds her business. She is not interested in cats. She likes car rides and is […]

Location: Naples, Florida
Registration Number: 403
Breed: Keeshond

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Hi my name is Max. I enjoy coming to visit and making you happy. I am Very lovable I’m a puppy still. So I am very playful😘🤗😘

Location: Metter, Georgia
Registration Number: 397
Breed: Frug Mom is Pug / Dad is French Bulldog

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Marley Mae

Hi my name is Maey Mae. I enjoy giving love and kisses. I also love to make others feel better. I’m a whole 10lbs but I think I’m way bigger🤗💜

Location: Metter, Georgia
Registration Number: 395
Breed: Chi and Pomeranian

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