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Registered Therapy Dogs


She is loveable. cute. Likes kids. thinks she not a Dog. Loves the attention. Don’t like squrrels. Always on leash and pactience safe distance And we wear mask.

Location: Sacramento, California
Registration Number: 2582
Breed: Yorkie

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Bandit is a playful, fun, loving, and caring bundle of pure JOY. He is a few days shy of being 10 weeks old and up to date on all of his shots. He LOVES people, children, and other dogs. He hasn’t had much time with cats but he does well with them so far!

Location: Bellevue, Kentucky
Registration Number: 2581
Breed: Goldendoodle

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Schroeder is a leader, he loves being out doors and around kids. He is playful, but has a calm spirit. He is easy going and very loving. He is also an emotional support trained dog.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Registration Number: 2547
Breed: Mini sheepdoodle

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This is Ava she’s a very loving and caring dog. She’s there when I have my anxiety attacks and is very good with other people especially children

Location: Waukee, Iowa
Registration Number: 2516
Breed: Terrier

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Very friendly. Sweet tempered. Playful my daughter adores her. Her name is Lexi and she loved children

Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Registration Number: 2496
Breed: Begal

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She is a very sweet loving dog. Loves to cuddle and continually comforts me during my stressful times.

Location: Oregon City, Oregon
Registration Number: 2491
Breed: Brittany Spaniel

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Lybbi is a cuddly lovable dog who needs to be needed, she loves walks, loves to travel by air and car

Location: Spokane, Washington
Registration Number: 2486
Breed: Yorkie

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Thomas Loving

Active, Mannerable, Loves people, ice cream, riding in a car and adventures. Hobbies include hiking and water activities. Fun to be around! Sweet Boy! He has provided much comfort and reassurance to me and my family. His Spirit is pure and he is aware of others demeanors and perso alities. He is willing to humble […]

Location: MADISON HEIGHTS, Virginia
Registration Number: 2466
Breed: Black Lab

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She is my emotional support companion. She is a very sweet girl. She wakes me up every morning. She alerts me when there is danger and loves to cuddle all the time. She knows When I am stressed Because she will immediately get her baby toy and bring it to me.

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Registration Number: 2446
Breed: Chihuahua

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Neo is the most lovable little boy you will ever meet, he is an 8 year old rare black shih tzu who absolutely loves people and other dogs, he especially loves kids I guess because they are low to the ground lol. He knows the word kiss and when you ask him for a kiss […]

Location: Keyport, New Jersey
Registration Number: 2423
Breed: Shih Tzu

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