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Therapy Dog Shadow

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Shadow is a purebred Keeshond. She’s thirteen years old. She is a trained 🐕‍🦺 service dog. She is very calm and gentle. She likes kids. She allows puppies to jump on her. With other dogs, she says hello and then minds her business. She is not interested in cats. She likes car rides and is a good plane ✈️ passenger. She does not jump on people or get on furniture. She likes attention and if she really likes a person, she will roll over for tummy rubs. Sounds and loud music 🎵 Don’t bother her. She doesn’t startle or Jump if someone lightly steps on her tail or a paw. She seldom barks. She doesn’t play fetch. She’s trained to pick up something I have dropped. She’s most comfortable if she knows I am near. She lets me put costumes on her.
A Keeshond has lots of long fluffy fur. She doesn’t shed much. This is a bred that molts. When the season changes, they shed their soft white under coat. Much of it gets trapped in the long black guard hairs.

Location: Naples, Florida
Registration Number: 403
Breed: Keeshond
Experience: More Than 100 Visits
  • My Dog Obeys The "Sit" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Stay" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Down" Command
  • My Dog Obeys The "Come" Command
  • My Dog Obeys A Controlled "Walk/Heel" Command
Traveling Distance: Visits Only In My Zip Code (34108)
Availability: Available Most Days
Visit Fee: I Do Not Accept Any Fees Or Accept Any Donations
Organization: Domino Service Dogs
Shadow's Owner
Claire MacMillan

Shadow is my Service 🐕‍🦺 dog.
I have fibromyalgia, arthritis and degenerative disk disease. She is the second service dog I have had. I got my first Keeshond in 1970 and have never been without one or two. In addition to my own dogs, I have fostered dogs waiting for a family.
I live at the Glenview in Pelican Bay.
I spend winter in Naples, Florida and summer in Denver Colorado.