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Therapy Dog Winston Lolex Harrell

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Winston “Lolex” is a handsome F1 Labradoodle. He enjoys long walks on trails, watching birds, play time, socializing with his fur-friends. Lolex is a huge teddy bear; he loves to cuddle and lay his head on one’s lap. He is very people-oriented and tends to bring comfort to all who are in need or during times of distress. He responds intuitively with gentle nudges or verbal suggestions. Lolex is always eager to please and excitedly greets anyone who come his way. He is not a barker but will bark on command. He is easy to train and self-regulates very well. He is observant, helpful and very even-tempered.

Location: Lake Dallas, Texas
Registration Number: 563
Breed: Labradoodle (F1)
Organization: American Kennel Club
Winston Lolex Harrell's Owner
Selena Harrell

Selena is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) and holds a Bachelors of Sciences in Therapeutic Recreation from Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. Currently she is pursuing her Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling at Liberty University. She has three years of experience in facilitating recreational interventions with children, adolescents, and adults with mental health and social barrier challenges. Her primary goals are to focus on providing tools for each student to become more successful by reducing stress, anxiety, redirecting their affect, building confidence and positive self-esteem through healthy socialization. Selena has served 6 years in the United States Army. After servicing in the military, she now aspires to work with disabled veterans and their families, advocating for more Therapeutic resources, and utilizing adventure therapy with psychotherapy. She has found passion in helping others who might not understand or ask for help because of society stigmas concerning their disabilities. She hopes to use Recreation Therapy as part of a holistic approach to solving multicultural problems in marriage and family counseling. In her free time, Selena enjoys salsa dancing, training her dog Lolex in completing his Therapy Dog training, and serving on the Student Ministry team at her church mentoring students.