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Registered Therapy Dogs


Cooper is a happy dog and loves to play. He loves people. He enjoys going for car rides. He loves to watch other dogs on tv.

Location: Milroy, Pennsylvania
Registration Number: 364
Breed: Golden Retriever

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Szva has been doing Therapy Dog visits since October 2018. With over 300 visits completed, she is well on her way to the AKC Therapy Dog ~ Distinguished title to go along with her Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, Urban Canine & Therapy Dog ~ Excellent titles. She has done visits to the Central Texas […]

Location: Waco, Texas
Registration Number: 359
Breed: German Shepherd Dog

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Rocky is two. He is a very talented and well rounded dog. Dock diving and disc are two of his favorite activities. He know many tricks to entertain his friends.

Location: Cayuta, New York
Registration Number: 358
Breed: GSD

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Amber is 5 years old. She has her Canine Good Citizen certificate. She is a member of the Baldwin County Red Cross Action Team. She is also a member of the Gulf Coast Caninesfor Christ team.

Location: Fairhope, Alabama
Registration Number: 353
Breed: Golden Retriever

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Amber is ready to be a therapy dog. She already hS had practice. She loves being around people and other dogs

Location: West Bloomfield, Michigan
Registration Number: 349
Breed: Shih Tzu

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Finn is very friendly. He loves everyone and he is very gentle and loves being pet. He is not a jumper or a kisser.

Location: Dumont, New Jersey
Registration Number: 348
Breed: Greyhound

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Gracie is a 3lb. 5oz. 3 year old Schnauzer. She has been a frequent visitor to nursing homes in our area since she became a beloved member of our family. We have 18 grandchildren. They have all enjoyed her company. She is a blessing. She is very well behaved. She flies at ease.

Location: Lufkin, Texas
Registration Number: 347
Breed: Schnauzer

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Otis is a tall, lanky, athletic and playful lab. He loves getting loved on by his people and playing with toys, even if it’s throwing them around by himself. A home with a yard would be ideal and someone that can give him a lot of exercise- he loves to run. He does awesome in […]

Location: Tampa, Florida
Registration Number: 346
Breed: Golden Retriever

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Despite the tough guy image that he projects to other dogs and UPS trucks, Baxter is a total sweetheart. He is an incredibly loyal companion that just wants to be by your side. Baxter is the most affectionate foster dog we’ve ever had. He loves hugs, will blindside you with a sloppy kiss when you […]

Location: Tampa, Florida
Registration Number: 345
Breed: German Shepperd

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Rufus loves long walks, play time, prime rib bones, and BBQ. He is a sweetheart; loves to cuddle; hates to sleep alone; loves floor time; plays gently with his toys; and is content laying on his bed or the couch. Rufus is people-oriented and tends to stay close to where we gather. He responds to […]

Location: Tampa, Florida
Registration Number: 336
Breed: Doberman

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