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Registered Therapy Dogs


Cafrey is a very sweet, loving adult dog. He loves people.He is very small so anyone interacting with him must understand and be gentle and kind towards him.

Location: Spring Hill, Kansas
Registration Number: 3060
Breed: Yorkshire Ter

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Mercee Came into our home with her sister and to this point we are making sure she has a great home and get her out to meet the world that she never knew. She is mixed with little shepard and she can be very sweet and playful when she knows how to which we are […]

Location: Shawano, Wisconsin
Registration Number: 3059
Breed: Shepard Mix

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Half Shitzu, Half Yorkie. She is currently 12 years of age and going strong. She is always in the room where ever you are and always like to have one paw touching you at all times.

Location: Port Orange, Florida
Registration Number: 3058
Breed: Shorkie

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This is Charity, and she came into my life when I found her and her sister on craigslist that they needed forever homes because they were not a good fit for their other home. I picked her up and both her and her sister are amazing little pups, she gets along with everyone, she loves […]

Location: Shawano, Wisconsin
Registration Number: 3057
Breed: Mix Breed

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Frankie is a gentle giant, who enjoys meeting people. He really likes it when people pet his soft fur.

Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Registration Number: 3056
Breed: Long-haired German Shepherd

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Aubree is amazing! She seems to possess a sixth sense of knowing when/where people are hurting and she’s the greatest at cheering people up. She’s also THE most tolerant dog; she even puts up with me dressing her up and making clothes for her!

Location: San Gabriel, California
Registration Number: 3054
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier/Pit Bull mix

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This is Mica she is a sweet 7 year old female Aussie, that loves to please. She will teach and train humans to do her bidding. She loves attention to be petted.

Location: Zephyr Cove, Nevada
Registration Number: 3053
Breed: Aussie

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She is three months old. She’s gentle, quiet, and friendly. When she’s old enough, I plan on training her to be a therapy dog for hospitals, schools and hospice.

Location: San Diego, California
Registration Number: 3052
Breed: Golden retriever

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Ra Doberman is a sweet gentle boy. He was the star of a tv show pilot for Animal Planet but it never made it to syndicate. He is trained and has the best manners! He has been around young children, elderly, men and women, large crowds, other animals and public places. He has a very […]

Location: Milford, Michigan
Registration Number: 3051
Breed: Doberman

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Grayson (Indigo Up in Smoke Blues)

Grayson is 7 years old, very playful and tender of heart. He loves to be with people, very loving, sensitive and obedient.

Location: Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Registration Number: 3050
Breed: Border Collie

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