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Registered Therapy Dogs

Miss Coco Chanel

Miss Coco Chanel is 3 1/2 years old. She has been a certified therapy dog via Alliance of Therapy Dogs since she was 1 years old. Miss Coco Chanel loves her current visits to the local elementary school to read with the kids and at the local library to do the same.

Location: Prineville, Oregon
Registration Number: 3065
Breed: English Bulldog

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Mister Bowser Winston Theodore Akins

Mister Bowser is a Canine Good Citizen. He loves meeting new people, going to new places and getting pets. He has worked at therapy clinics providing group therapy, as well as private practice and office settings.

Location: Arden, North Carolina
Registration Number: 3064
Breed: AKC Golden Retriever

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Sergeant is an energetic kind dog that loves going out and about. He is well mannered and would be a great therapy dog.

Location: ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico
Registration Number: 3063
Breed: German Shepherd

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Akasha is the calmest dog I’ve ever known. He has never been hyper even as a puppy. When out for walks he wants to stop for every person to say hello. He loves meeting new people and any animal including birds. Gentle and slow moving, always an angel.

Location: Kamloops, British Columbia
Registration Number: 3062
Breed: Long Haired Shepherd/Husky

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Stella Rose

Stella has a natural calming and soothing way about her esp when she feels that someone is lonely or just needs some honest friendly touch.

Location: Troy, New York
Registration Number: 3061
Breed: German Shepherd

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Cafrey is a very sweet, loving adult dog. He loves people.He is very small so anyone interacting with him must understand and be gentle and kind towards him.

Location: Spring Hill, Kansas
Registration Number: 3060
Breed: Yorkshire Ter

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Mercee Came into our home with her sister and to this point we are making sure she has a great home and get her out to meet the world that she never knew. She is mixed with little shepard and she can be very sweet and playful when she knows how to which we are […]

Location: Shawano, Wisconsin
Registration Number: 3059
Breed: Shepard Mix

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Half Shitzu, Half Yorkie. She is currently 12 years of age and going strong. She is always in the room where ever you are and always like to have one paw touching you at all times.

Location: Port Orange, Florida
Registration Number: 3058
Breed: Shorkie

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This is Charity, and she came into my life when I found her and her sister on craigslist that they needed forever homes because they were not a good fit for their other home. I picked her up and both her and her sister are amazing little pups, she gets along with everyone, she loves […]

Location: Shawano, Wisconsin
Registration Number: 3057
Breed: Mix Breed

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Frankie is a gentle giant, who enjoys meeting people. He really likes it when people pet his soft fur.

Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Registration Number: 3056
Breed: Long-haired German Shepherd

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