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Registered Therapy Dogs

Thomas Loving

Active, Mannerable, Loves people, ice cream, riding in a car and adventures. Hobbies include hiking and water activities. Fun to be around! Sweet Boy! He has provided much comfort and reassurance to me and my family. His Spirit is pure and he is aware of others demeanors and perso alities. He is willing to humble […]

Location: MADISON HEIGHTS, Virginia
Registration Number: 2466
Breed: Black Lab

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She is my emotional support companion. She is a very sweet girl. She wakes me up every morning. She alerts me when there is danger and loves to cuddle all the time. She knows When I am stressed Because she will immediately get her baby toy and bring it to me.

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Registration Number: 2446
Breed: Chihuahua

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Neo is the most lovable little boy you will ever meet, he is an 8 year old rare black shih tzu who absolutely loves people and other dogs, he especially loves kids I guess because they are low to the ground lol. He knows the word kiss and when you ask him for a kiss […]

Location: Keyport, New Jersey
Registration Number: 2423
Breed: Shih Tzu

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He love people /he loves belly rubs /likes chicken/long walks to meet people/he loves to cuddle/and likes to play ball,nice,and play with his varram /

Location: Ford city, Pennsylvania
Registration Number: 2382
Breed: Pug

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Otto is a well-trained, well-behaved senior dog. He loves being petted and hates slippery floors. Meet him today!

Location: Oroville, California
Registration Number: 2362
Breed: Mixed

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Fudge is a loving sweet handsome boy he my best friend. Loves snuggles and kisses. He love to play..

Location: cambridge, Ontario
Registration Number: 2342
Breed: poodle

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Brody is completely deaf, but understands several hand commands. Being deaf, he is not bothered by any noise levels in any situation. He is about 11 or 12 years old, and was adopted from SPCA Cincinnati on April 1st. He is non-aggressive with other dogs or people, and he is especially good with small children.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Registration Number: 2336
Breed: Boxer

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Hello my name is Nori, I’m a German Shepherd Pitbull mix Pup . I’m currently 20 weeks old and I weigh 34.8lbs. I have Heterochromia iridis which means I’ve got 2 different colored eyes. I’m very friendly, love dancing, and I’m obsessed with hugs. I can get hyper sometimes and that’s because I’m happy to […]

Location: Greenville, North Carolina
Registration Number: 2335
Breed: German Shepherd Pitbull mix

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Sophie is 2 1/2 year and got her CGC at 5 months old. I’m a retired PT that worked in geriatrics and have been taking her for visits in SNFs I used to work in. At 7 months, she was certified as a therapy dog with an organization called Furry Friends and has been making […]

Location: San Jose, California
Registration Number: 2321
Breed: Mini golden doodle

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She is a super people loving pleasing one of a kind girl! She has the amazing ability to just somehow know when something is wrong with someone and her little doggy love radar goes off sending her to give lots of love to that person. She can put a smile on anyone’s face and she […]

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Registration Number: 2312
Breed: Terrier mix

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